Pangaea, Again, 2022

Material: Denim, Cotton, Stretch Fabric, Wool
Leather, Polyester
Technique: Padding, Stitching, Hand Dyeing, Quilting
Bleaching, Sewing


The acts which destroy the environment for human convenience.

The acts which destroy the environment for human convenience, such as the illegal discharge of plastic waste, soot, wastewater, abuse of chemical products, and the illegal capture. As a result, the parents who gave birth to us, the planet earth, are constantly suffering and destroyed. It is sought to express a dystopian worldview containing a message of warning against this through the act of destroying clothes from a deconstructive point of view.
플라스틱 쓰레기, 매연, 오폐수 불법 배출, 화학용품 남용, 불법 포획 등 인간의 편리를 위해 환경을 파괴하는 행위. 그로 인해 우리를 낳은 부모, 즉 지구는 끊임 없이 고통받으며 파괴당하고 있다. 이에 대한 경고의 메세지를 담은 디스토피아적 세계관을 해체주의적 관점으로 옷을 파괴하는 행위를 통해 표현하고자 함.